ADL regrets calling group that targets anti-Israel students Islamophobic and racist

Somebody must have forced some truth on the ADL. They're walking back some of the criticism of Canary Mission.

“We regret the overly broad language that we used to describe the Canary Mission in a tweet earlier this week,” an ADL spokesman said in an email Thursday evening after JTA asked the group to demonstrate where Canary Mission had deployed “Islamophobic & racist rhetoric,” as ADL had alleged in its tweet.

That's a start. Unfortunately, campus Jews and Israel supporters, including organizations like Hillel, do not understand whom they are fighting and depths to which the Israel/Jew-haters will sink.

The students who signed the essay — including the Hillel governing or executive boards at the University of Michigan, University of Minnesota and The Ohio State University — said Canary Mission’s technique of publishing the personal information of students they deem anti-Israel has encouraged some student governments to hold votes on boycotting Israel in secret session.

“We view much of the rhetoric employed to villainize these individuals as hateful and, in some cases, Islamophobic and racist,” the Op-Ed said, but did not give examples of racist or Islamophobic language used by the group. The authors did not reply to a query from JTA to elaborate.

They're still allowing BDS, SJP and other haters to control the debate. It is not "Islamophobic" or racist to expose the anti-Semites by reprinting their anti-Semitic tweets. It's not racist to use someone's own words against them. If they had done the research, they would have found that BDS proponents work very hard on all campuses to exclude Jewish students from being allowed to vote on their anti-Israel proposals and from taking responsibility for their votes. No matter what their excuse for doing so, they must not be allowed to hide their hatred in the shadows, or disguise their anti-Semitism as "only anti-Zionism."

“Respectful dialogue and disagreement is at the core of the legacy of our organization’s namesake, and is a value we seek to model on college campuses everywhere,” Hillel said. “Therefore, Hillel does not engage in or support personal attacks on students who support BDS or other Israel delegitimization efforts with which we disagree. We appreciate the student leaders who have raised this important issue amongst their peers and we are working with them to find opportunities for them to share their concerns with the broader Jewish community.”

While Hillel might find this stance noble and fair, Marquis of Queensbury rules are self-defeating when the other side is working against your very existence and fighting dirty while they do it. Our side doesn't have to fight dirty. All we have to do is fight honestly. And part of being honest is holding up the anti-Semitic tweets and Facebook posts of the SJP and BDS proponents, just as would be expected if we were facing anti-Semitism from neo-Nazis and white supremacists.