The ADL and Canary Mission

Yesterday, we informed you of a questionable stand taken by the ADL. Rather than support Canary Mission, an anonymous group that exposes campus anti-semites, both students and professors, the ADL took the other side.

While Jewish students may be nervous about fighting the anti-Semitic hate mongers toe to toe because they were taught to be fair, the adults at the ADL should know better. They should know that the first step to defeating the Jew-haters is to expose them, just as it is important to expose any other bigot.

Canary Mission responded:

As did others.

The ADL may be a big shot organization, but it's becoming obvious that rather than adhering to their original mission, they are becoming increasingly politicized. It's hurting their credibility. Besides losing the support of those of us actively fighting for the Jewish community, they're still not trusted by progressive organizations that they're trying to impress.

This is not the end of it. Stay tuned.