Diasporism, a bad idea whose time has come

Sometimes it's just good to sit back and examine ideas that we don't think about too often, but are still important to the Jewish community.

From the article:

The “feeling good though Jewish” part is very important and what distinguishes Diasporism from garden-variety anti-Zionism.

Left-wing Diasporists argue that it is not only possible, but more fulfilling to live a Jewish life outside of Israel. They object to Israel’s actions in self defense, saying they violate “Jewish principles,” by which they mean the mishmash of progressive politics and Christian or humanistic morality that they conflate with Judaism. Apparently it gives them a warm feeling of solidarity with the oppressed of the world, and especially with the “people of color” at their universities who have managed to invert the traditional hierarchies and now oppress the colorless ones in compensation for their previous ill-treatment.

In addition to the left-wing Diasporists like Jewdas there are also Haredi Diasporists, who believe that a Jewish state can only be established when Hashem brings the maschiach. They have been around for as long as there has been a Diaspora. The ones that live in Israel are possibly even more hypocritical than the lefties, because they benefit (even those that refuse to take National Insurance payments) from the state’s protection and services while opposing its existence – and contributing as little as possible to it.

The problem with both of these forms of Diasporism that their smug virtue-signaling proponents are not aware of is this: history has clearly demonstrated the truth of the main principle of traditional Zionism. Jews who do not live in a Jewish state – or worse, who live in a world without a Jewish state – are in mortal danger from the Jew-hatred that seems to be impossible to expurgate from Western and Muslim cultures. At the same time, where hatred wanes, assimilation takes hold.

Read it all. Agree or disagree, there are important points to consider.