How not to beat BDS

Why don’t Jewish kids know as much about the Middle East as the BDS crowd?

The answer starts and finishes with the appalling failure of Jewish education.

Large numbers of Jewish kids get no Jewish education at all, let alone one that will arm them with the facts about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Yet the truth is that those who do get some kind of Jewish education often don’t wind up knowing much about Israel either.

Given the limited time they get with their students, even the best synagogue schools are hard-pressed to give youngsters the religious knowledge and Hebrew skills needed to pull off a bar or bat mitzvah. An in-depth look at the Jewish state is usually beyond their means. Sadly, the same is often true for many day schools, which, in theory, ought to have the time to teach Jewish history and Zionism, as well as dive deeply into contemporary Israel’s challenges. Nevertheless, sometimes they wind up giving all that short shrift.

Sadly, we have not been doing a good job of teaching our children Judaism or the history of our people. There are so many seemingly more important things. And when our children get taken in by misinformation from anti-Semites who pretend to teach them about Israel and Judaism, what can we do then?

Read the whole article. It's more than just battling BDS. It's insuring the next generation of educated Jews.