Starbucks and the ADL Problem

We're going to assume that you've read about the incident at the Philadelphia Starbucks in which two black men were arrested. Starbucks has taken this incident very seriously. In additions to other organizations, it has enlisted the help of the Anti-Defamation League in re-educating Starbucks employees to recognize their "implicit bias."

The ADL has taken on a decidedly left-ward tilt in recent years, which one would think would please other left leaning organizations. One would think that a left-leaning ADL would be welcome in training Starbucks employees to think correct thoughts. One would be wrong.

Tamika Mallory, who has made no secret of her disdain for Jews who don't adhere to correct thoughts, tweeted:

The ADL has been diligent in rooting out anti-Semitism and other bigotry from right-wing groups while being more subdued about anti-Semitism from the left, so we're not sure which attacks she's talking about. We do know that the one major mistake the ADL has made, a mistake no proper progressive group can make, is supporting Israel - that Jewish country.

"Keep the ADL in line"? You mean those Jews don't know their place?

As Tamika Mallory makes clear, the only Jewish organizations that need apply are the Jew-hating ones, the ones who are obviously "in line." Her concern for human rights is a sham.

The greatest lesson here for us, one that we should have learned from our long painful history, is that appeasement never works. We cannot change our politics in order to meet the haters half-way. As long as we're Jewish, that will never work.

Tamika Mallory and her fellow travelers will not adjust their hatred.

The ADL should take note of this.

UPDATE: Searching randomly, I found the following meme:

If you still don't get it . . .