Hillel - Whose Side are They On?

We know that universities throughout the West have become seriously infected with anti-Semitism. The campus promotors of Jew-hatred insist that they are merely anti-Zionist. And anyways, some of their best friends are Jews. They're liars of course. No matter how strong the denial and the excuses, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.

When it comes to having Jewish students helping them spread their hate though, they're sadly truthful.

Hillel, the premier campus Jewish organization seems to have lost their way a bit, and in addition to offering Jewish students a place to gather, learn, and have a Sabbath meal, has now added politics to their offerings. Unfortunately those politics aren't any different than those offered by SJP and other campus Jew-hating groups.

Hillel at George Washington took 25 student leaders on a trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories, not to seek the truth, but to listen to both sides' "narratives."

"More than anything, the trip opened my eyes to the fact that emotions matter. Facts are great but the way someone feels about an issue or feels about the perceived effects of a decision are dramatically important in understanding this conflict," shared sophomore Hugh Atkinson, president of Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Think about that statement for a minute. Then ask yourself whether students will be encouraged to focus more on facts or more on emotions.

"After the trip, I walked away from Israel totally confused and unsure of how I felt or what I thought aside from overwhelmed. I left not knowing which “side” to support and quite honestly not really believing that there are just two sides to pick from," added Atkinson. "So, in simple terms, just remember that when we are discussing this conflict and a solution, that there are people there being affected. They are humans just like each of us with their own thoughts, their own feelings, their own lives, and their own narratives."

Obviously GW Hillel used this trip to create confusion and help students create a moral equivalence between a Palestinian society based on terrorism and an Israeli society based on growth and achievement. When students return more confused when they left, they were not on an educational trip.

Meanwhile Harvard Hillel is hosting a "Liberation Seder"

The Hillel at Harvard University is sponsoring a Seder this Passover that is aligned with a protest movement critical of Israel, a move that required the students to position the event carefully in order to hold it under Hillel’s auspices.

Scheduled for the evening of April 5, the seventh night of Passover, the festive meal is known as a “Liberation Seder.” It will protest Israel’s occupation of territories acquired since 1967.

“The scene [in the Seder] of being free in Israel is directly counter to what living in Israel looks like now for Palestinians,” Helene Lovett, one of the student organizers, told the Forward. “They’re not free. They don’t have basic human rights.”

Because Hillel International has rules regarding speech about Israel at its chapters, the students had to be scrupulous about making sure the event didn’t run afoul of those regulations in either in its language or its connection to other groups. The students did so because they acknowledge Hillel’s central role in student life.

So Jewish students at Harvard have learned, accepted, and internalized the anti-Israel lies. The question is: How do we get them back? How do we counter the lies? How do we give the current young Jewish generation enough education so that they know their own history?

The more truth they know, the less they will be susceptible to lies.