Students for Justice in Palestine’s Latest Public Support of Terrorism

They are on many if not most American university campuses. They are proponents of BDS, Israel Apartheid Week, and harassment of Jewish students. They want to control the debate and what is allowable speech. In other words, they are pro-censorship especially when it comes to pro-Israel speech. They're at the forefront at shouting down and disrupting pro-Israel speakers who are brought to American universities. And, we're not supposed to mention this, or even notice this, but Students for Justice in Palestine is a terrorist-supporting organization.

Since the terrorism they support is mostly directed at Jews and Israel, it's excused by the alleged human rights advocates and by university administrators who, unless they are seriously pressed, turn a blind eye to SJP's bigotry and harassment.

This is from the UC Santa Cruz SJP Facebook page:

What can you do about it?

  1. Contacting the chancellors at USCB and UC Santa Cruz, alerting them to this disgraceful public support of terrorism. You can link to this post since it contains screenshots, in case the two SJP chapters remove the Facebook posts.

Chancellor at USCB

(805) 893-2231

(805) 893-8717 Fax

Chancellor at UCSC

Contact form

  1. Reporting the two pages to Facebook.

  2. Leaving posts on the UCSB and UCSC Facebook pages.

Don't just read, take action.

Note: The offending images may have already been removed from the SJP Facebook page. But USCB should still be contacted. Why is a Jew-hating, terror-supporting group allowed on American university campuses?

Of course, the worst thing about SJP is that they have the support of some Jewish students. You can find out why here.