The Psychology of Progressive Hostility

The interesting thing is that progressives accuse their ideological opponents of being closed-minded and of being hostile to new ideas. Rather than deal in substantive debate, progressives like to scream that their opponents are Nazis, bigots, racists, and sufferers of various phobias. I know people who boast of unfriending Facebook friends who disagree with their political stance and of never watching Fox News, because - well - you know.

We know that conservative and pro-Israel speakers are regularly disrupted and shouted down on university campuses by hostile progressive students. Dissenting opinions are forbidden. We aren't the only ones noticing this intolerance by people on only one side of the debate. This is an important aspect of the debate that must be recognized.

From the article (language alert):

“That’s a stupid fucking question,” answered a Socialist Alliance activist when I asked sincerely where they were getting what sounded like inflated poverty statistics. “If you don’t believe in gay marriage or gun control, unfriend me,” demand multiple Facebook statuses from those I know. “That’s gross and racist!” spluttered a red-faced Ben Affleck when the atheist and neuroscientist Sam Harris criticized Islamic doctrines on Bill Maher’s Real Time. Nobody blinks an eye when Harris criticizes Christianity, least of all Affleck, who starred in Kevin Smith’s irreverent religious satire Dogma. But Christians are not held to be a sacrosanct and protected minority on the political Left. As Skeptic Magazine’s Michael Shermer tweeted recently:

Outbursts of emotional hostility from progressive activists – now described as Social Justice Warriors or SJWs – have come to be known as getting ‘triggered.’ This term originally applied to sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but activists have adopted it to describe the anxiety and discomfort they experience when they are exposed to views with which they disagree. “Fuck free speech!” one group of social justice advocates recently told Vice Media, as if this justified the growing belief among university students that conservatives should be prevented from speaking on college campuses. It’s no secret that, with the rise of the triggered progressive, university professors are increasingly intimidated by their own students. An illustrative example of this alarming trend was provided by the hoards of screaming students who surrounded the distinguished Yale sociologist Nicholas Christakis and demanded his head (which they duly received). Christakis had made the mistake of defending an email his wife had written gently criticizing Yale’s attempts to regulate students’ Halloween costumes. “Who the fuck hired you?!” screamed one irate student in response. “You should step down!”

Obviously this issue doesn't just apply to Jews and the Jewish community. The question is - what do we do about it?