Young Jewish Conservatives

So, you're young and impressionable. And Jewish. And it seems like Judaism is a wing of the left/liberal/progressive movement. The bits of Jewish education that you remember are now modified to fit the Left's agenda. All Jews are liberal - well except for the Orthodox. But they're extremists. Many of them even voted for Trump! Horrors!

Or at least that's what we're supposed to believe. Stick your head outside of the bubble and you may discover that this is not the truth.

We at MJAC are here to tell you that there are young Jewish conservatives. Some have even banded together to create an organization. They're called - strangely enough - Young Jewish Conservatives. Here is their mission statement:

Young Jewish Conservatives is a national grassroots coalition that unites politically active conservative young Jews. Our mission is to empower politically conservative young Jews, providing them with the tools to defend their values and advocate for conservative causes. We are proud to label ourselves as conservatives and seek to strengthen the conservative movement. YJC was founded in order to assert that politically conservative, young Jews need and deserve to have community that respects, supports and defends their values. For too long, Jews have been maligned for being politically conservative and have had to hide their beliefs from the public square. YJC is here to reverse this trend and spread conservatism to each new generation of young Jews. Our beliefs stem from pride in our religious faith and Jewish identity. As a reflection of those values, YJC staunchly supports Israel as a critical ally to the United States and believes we bear a leadership role to be a strong advocate and voice in defense of Israel. We seek to educate young Jews and those within our communities about the importance of Zionism and the ever-growing efforts to delegitimize Israel. We educate our members to uncompromisingly and effectively combat the growing anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment on their college campuses and within their communities. YJC will push each member to understand the necessity to stand up and be outspoken advocates for conservatism, Judaism and Israel. We actively assist members who seek a professional career in politics, media or in the Jewish community.

So maybe you know better and you reject the progressive agenda. You are not alone. Or maybe you do accept that agenda, but you're intelligent enough to wrestle with contrary positions. Either way, visit the YJC website. Read. Learn.