Memo To The Left: Denounce Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

There are some on the left who do get it. There is the Zioness movement. While they are progressives, they do align themselves with the Jewish people and with Israel. Those are two things Jews of all political affiliations should be able to agree on.

There is also this article from The Forward (and they usually don't get it.)

Let’s be clear: These are the words of an anti-Semite. The only other public statement she’s made about the event was in response to a tweet by Talib Kweli where he also proudly claimed his support for Farrakhan. Mallory’s response? “My brother! Love you, Talib!”

Mallory had the chance to clarify her attendance, to claim that perhaps there was some explanation besides hatred that would motivate her attendance at this speech, and her proud sharing of images from it.

Instead, she has doubled down, and proudly.

Others who are part of the Women’s March leadership have not said a word. Linda Sarsour has been notably silent, as has Carmen Perez, both co-chairs of the movement.

Worse, instead of an outcry from the left of the sort Steve Bannon has gotten, there has been a bizarre silence from leaders of other social justice organizations, including Jewish ones.

The media has also hardly responded. The story of Mallory’s attendance at the speech and the left’s silence about it is only alive thanks to a few Jewish publications and a few lone voices like Jake Tapper’s.

Now is not a time to mince words: The left’s silence in this instance signals their complicity in anti-Semitism. They are allowing naked, open bigotry to grow in front of them without a word of protest.

In fact, when Jake Tapper tweeted criticism of Mallory’s attendance, he was himself criticized on the grounds that Mallory is not important enough to castigate.

Can't we all at least agree that Farrakhan is an anti-Semite and that anti-Semitism is bad?

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