Looking for Antisemitism in All the Wrong Places

From the article:

It ought to be possible to discuss the NRA and its leader — and even to criticize them harshly if you oppose its positions or his tone of speech — without raising false charges about dog-whistling about Jews. But unfortunately, in our bifurcated and dysfunctional political culture, it’s permissible to say anything, no matter how specious, about opponents. In this case, some Jewish leftists think the world only makes sense if, despite all the evidence to the contrary, they can believe that their conservative opponents are also antisemites.

At a time when there is a rising tide of antisemitism rooted in hatred for Israel sweeping over the globe, trying to cast someone like LaPierre as a Jew-hater is more than just inaccurate and defamatory. It undermines the fight against real antisemitism.

Rather than try to frame the NRA, along with all and every conservative, as anti-Semitic, perhaps liberal/progressive Jews should admit to the real anti-Semites. Many of them are on the left.

Just to help out, here are a few:

Students for Justice in Palestine

Jewish Voice for Peace

Muslim Student Association

Louis Farrakhan

Linda Sarsour

And there are many others.