Pittsburgh Jewish Federation Bans Free Beacon After Publication of Dem Candidate’s Comments on Israe

We've talked before about the propensity of liberal/progressive Jews to place their Judaism a far second (or more) behind their politics even if it's to the detriment of the Jewish community.

The Washington Free Beacon has been banned from covering and reporting on all events related to the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh, a Jewish communal organization, following its publication of remarks made by Pennsylvania Democratic congressional candidate Conor Lamb at an event that the Federation says was off the record and closed to the press.

The Free Beacon first unearthed the comments by Lamb, who is currently running for Congress in a special election next month, in a Feb. 12 report that quoted the candidate accusing Israel of "terrorism" and the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Lamb said at the time it was "disheartening to see" support for Israel being expressed in the pages of his college newspaper.

"It was disheartening to see the add [sic] in the DP the other day which read, ‘Wherever we stand, we stand with Israel,'" Lamb wrote. "There is no doubt that both sides of this conflict have committed wrongs, but if this latest attack is not terrorism, I don't know what is."

When asked about those comments last week by an attendee at an event sponsored by the Pittsburgh Jewish Federation at the South Hills Jewish Community Center, Lamb claimed to have "absolutely no memory" of the remarks and seemed to suggest the comments may have been planted or forged, though he offered no evidence.

After the Free Beacon published Lamb’s response, Joshua Sayles, a top official with the Pittsburgh Jewish Federation, phoned the Free Beacon to say that the publication's reporting on Lamb’s comments was "unacceptable" and informed the outlet it is now banned from covering all Federation-related events in Pittsburgh.

The lesson here is that conservatives can be accused of anti-Semitism without any proof while liberal anti-Semitism is to be denied and covered up. The fact that a stand taken by Jews makes it so much easier for anti-Semitism to flourish, especially on the Left.