The Cape Town Water Crisis and Hating Israel

Aerial View of Cape Town, South Africa

Here is another illustration of an eternal truth: hatred hurts the hater.

In this case, anti-Semitism is hurting the anti-Semite. The government of South Africa has thrown its lot in with the Jew-hating BDS movement. That may hurt Israel a bit, but it's going to hurt Cape town residents a lot more.

In the early part of 2016, when it already became clear that parts of South Africa would be facing one of the most severe droughts in its history, an important conference was called to make plans for the initiation and implementation of specific programs to prevent catastrophe. Listed on the program as one of the delegates was Israel’s ambassador to South Africa, Arthur Lenk, who had already spent considerable effort in educating and assisting the region wherever possible. No sooner did this become public than Prof Lorenzo Fioramonti of the University of Pretoria, withdrew his participation. That was immediately followed by the BDS movement successfully lobbying the South African government to entirely cancel the water conference due to Israel’s participation.

Thanks to the growing influence of the increasing Muslim population and the leadership of the pro-jihad President Jacob Zuma aligned with the BDS, South Africans rejoiced at their ability to “tell off the Israelis” and to deny Israel the ability to claim credit for any humanitarian aid.

It is hard to imagine how much joy there must be today for a people to know that soon they are destined to helplessly watch their citizens die of thirst rather than accept aid from “those accursed Jews.”

So, Cape Town is running out of water. Israel has offered help. S. Africa has chosen to "stick it to the Jews" rather than accept that help.

Let them drink hatred.

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