A Pattern of Hatred

From a recent article by Paul Sperry in the NY Post:

Muslim clerics are threatening the lives of Jews from the pulpits of American mosques, and they are doing it with virtual impunity, say former US law-enforcement officials who worry that the rhetoric could lead to violent attacks.

Over the past six months, at least five prominent US imams have been caught on tape preaching violence against Jews in sermons at mosques across America.

Yet these radical preachers inciting anti-Semitic violence aren’t prosecuted or even permanently banished by the leadership of their mosques.

“It’s outrageous they aren’t immediately removed and investigated for what may be solicitation [to commit a crime of violence],” was the view of veteran FBI Special Agent John Guandolo, who now runs a counterterrorism consulting firm, Understanding the Threat LLC.

Of course, Agent John Guandolo is correct, but the imams who are preaching hatred against Jews (as we've reported on in previous posts) will remain in their positions because Jews aren't complaining.

Instead, they're involved in misguided "interfaith dialogue". Is anybody paying attention? Or are they too invested in their wishful thinking?

Why not take the full article to your local, Jewish co-conspirators, those pushing an interfaith, open borders agenda?