“Jewish Nobel” Laureate Anish Kapoor Pledges $1m Genesis Prize to Refugee Causes

Anish Kapoor's "Cloud Gate" in Chicago's Millenium Park

Jews help. We help everyone. Well, almost everyone. Sometimes Jews are so focused on helping others, that they forget about helping Jews.

To be fair, when we're given a chance, we tend to be fairly successful in a lot of fields. That Jewish country, although much younger than its resentful neighbors has risen to heights undreamed of 70 years ago and has given the world much more than those neighbors who have much longer histories.

So maybe Jews don't need as much help?

But anti-semitism still abounds throughout the world. Jewish students are harassed on university campuses throughout the Western world. Jews in Europe are escaping to Israel in huge numbers. That is an issue that needs to be addressed much more strongly than it is. But instead of battling anti-Semitism, Anish Kapoor, with the help of Hillel International, HAIS, and other organizations are working toward importing more anti-Semitism.

The Genesis Prize Foundation (GPF) and 2017 Genesis Prize Laureate and world-renowned artist and human rights activist Anish Kapoor today announced grants to five prominent NGOs engaged in alleviating the global refugee crisis.

The recipient organizations assist refugees globally and include the International Rescue Committee (IRC), led by its president David Miliband, as well as the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA), HIAS (founded as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), Help Refugees, and Hillel International.

The grants are funded by the $1 million Genesis Prize, dubbed the “Jewish Nobel” by TIME Magazine. Anish Kapoor has chosen to focus on refugees as an expression both of his lifelong commitment to supporting excluded people and as an expression of core Jewish values.

We know that the increase of anti-Semitic attacks in Europe are coming from Muslim immigrants and refugees. We also know that based on ADL statistics, that Middle Eastern countries outside of Israel are extremely anti-Semitic. Syria, in the midst of a vicious civil war, is the one country that isn't included in their statistics, but does anyone think Syrians have any love for their Jewish neighbors? Are Hillel or Anish Kapoor concerned with what kind of attitudes they're bringing with them?

So, maybe Jews don't need care packages and basic necessities. But it would be nice for Jews and Jewish organizations to recognize and help root out anti-Semitism. That would be a tremendous help to the Jewish community.