HAMAS, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood

The latest release in the Center For Security Policy's Civilization Jihad Reader series is here. Far too many of our assumptive Jewish leadership (JCRC, AJC, ADL...) remain in the dark, fooled by their irrepressible wishful thinking that all they have to do is treat their sworn enemies kindly and the followers of Mohammed will act kindly towards them too.

"Unlike in the Middle East, where HAMAS’ Gaza operation confronts Israel kinetically and constantly, inside the U.S., the preferred method thus far has been “civilization jihad” – the stealthy, subversive use of infiltration, subversion and deception to pursue the destruction of the pillars of American society “from within.” By posing as “moderate” Islamic alternatives to the vicious violence of the likes of al Qaeda, the Islamic State or Taliban, the U.S. Brotherhood front groups have enjoyed remarkable success in advancing this agenda."

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