Imad Hamad in the Detroit News

The Detroit News helped welcome the new year with an editorial by Imad Hamad, former local director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, condemning President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. According to Hamad, Trump’s honesty is bad for the Palestinians and for peace in the Middle East.

While we don’t focus on Israel, we were wondering if Detroit News readers were knowledgeable enough about Israel and its history to spot Hamad’s whoppers. To be fair, he makes some statements that aren’t outright lies, but that aren’t the whole truth either.

Examples: He makes no mention that the Arabs rejected UN Resolution 181 while the Jews accepted it.

Hamad writes that hostilities and war “broke out” in 1948 and 1967. We know that Israel was invaded in 1948 and was forced to fight for its life in 1967. According to his reckoning, Jerusalem wasn’t occupied until Israel reunited the city in 1967. Jordan only “took over” in 1948. For some reason he can’t admit Jordan’s occupation and ethnic cleansing of the city’s Jews.

There are other spots where Hamad abuses the truth, but we found it especially interesting that he writes about being born a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon after complaining that 300,000 Palestinians in E. Jerusalem are not Israeli citizens. We know (or we should know) that E. Jerusalem Palestinians have been applying for and gaining Israeli citizenship while Palestinians born in Lebanon are forbidden Lebanese citizenship, banned from certain jobs, and forced to live in refugee camps.

It would be a great idea for everyone reading this to write to the Detroit News and point out Hamad’s bloopers. Their contact form is at: