UM Students Behind Anti-Israel Resolution: ‘Jews Are Not a Nation’

Some self-proclaimed Jewish leaders have publicly defended Linda Sarsour in spite of her public disdain for Zionism and Israel. At the University of Michigan, the student government recently voted to urge the administration to divest from Israel. It was their eleventh try. Reading what some members of the U of M anti-Israel coalition have to say to and about Jews, what do these leaders have to say?

From the article:

A Palestinian female student is seen cutting off the discussion on Palestinian politics she was leading in a public hallway, when she noticed that a male student wearing a traditional Jewish skullcap and ritual tassels known as tzitzit had started to listen.

"You are not welcome into this conversation," she told him, prompting praise from other students on "the strength" it takes to "say that to someone's face."

A man, who said he was Muslim and supportive of the divestment motion, later approached the group and asked if his friend was sent away because he's Jewish.

"No, it's because he's Zionist," he was told.

She later instructed someone to tell the Jewish student that he is "welcome to ask permission to stand and listen and not ask questions."

Conditionally invited to ask permission to be an observer of the discussion, the Jewish student is granted permission to listen.

"You can’t ask me questions though," said the Palestinian student. "I’m not going to have a conversation with you. Those are my guiding principles."

In other words - "Shut up, Jew!"

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