'The price of loyalty: who's dividing the Jewish people and why'?

Are "progressive" Jews putting their politics ahead of their Judaism? With American progressive Jews telling Israel how to run its business withe threat of withholding support it certainly seems that way. Who will be hurt most by this stance? Hint: it won't be Israel.

From the article:

So, why all the fuss about symbols, status and where Jews in Israel live?

Liberal/Progressive NGOs such as New Israel Fund, Peace Now, Rabbis for Human Rights, Truah, and JStreet – which are associated with the Reform and Reconstructionist movements – have engaged in campaigns against Jews living in Judea and Samaria while promoting an Arab Palestinian agenda. Well-funded by EU governments and anti-Israel individuals and foundations and supported by the media, they join with anti-Israel groups to cast Israel and Israeli Jews as villains – which indirectly and sometimes directly aid BDS campaigns.

In October, the Alliance of Jewish Progressives at Princeton University prevented Deputy Foreign Minister Tzippy Hotovely from speaking at the campus Hillel; the Hillel director, Rabbi Julie Roth and her husband are associated with liberal/Progressive NGOs.

A few months ago, historian David Myers, a bitter foe of Israeli communities in “the territories” was appointed to head the prestigious Center for Jewish History in New York City. His first act was to host a program by the Jewish Voice for Peace; the anti-Israel program was subsequently cancelled.

There is a profound ideological struggle that has not been addressed. Liberal/Progressive Jewish leaders have focused on symbols (like praying at the Western Wall) to advance their "pluralistic" agenda -- exacerbated by some extreme Haredi groups -- which turn Jews away from Israel. The result is a psychological BDS effect -- linked to the "peace movement" -- which is a form of brainwashing.