Speaker at Center for Jewish History violently denounces Israel

It makes me wonder: what do we do when the Israel-hater is a Jew who is welcomed to spread his Israel hatred in a Jewish institution? In this case, it was Roger Cohen delivering this year’s Leo Baeck Memorial Lecture at the Center for Jewish History.

From the article:

But in a pre-lecture interview with the Baeck Institute’s newsletter, LBI News, Cohen violently lashed out at Israel.

“Somehow,” he declared, “the Jews, who were for millennia humiliated and excluded in the diaspora, now find themselves in a semi-colonial situation in which they subject the Palestinian people to much of what we once suffered.”

“Much of what we suffered?” Gas chambers? Pogroms? Ghettoes? Inquisitions? Which of these, exactly, does Cohen think Israel has used against the Palestinians?

He didn’t stop there. Cohen proceeded to declare, “Lawlessness prevails in the settlements.” Another blatant lie. Anybody who is familiar with the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria knows “lawlessness” is an absurd and outrageously false description. Those communities are legal, and the overwhelming majority of their residents are peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

Cohen continued, “The settlers vote as citizens of Israel while the millions around them cannot vote.” Utterly false. Of course the Palestinian Arabs can vote, and they do vote—when Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas lets them.