Center for Jewish History Cancels Two Anti-Israel Programs after Protest

The Center for Jewish History has gone full-tilt anti-Israel under its new CEO David N. Myers.

The New York based Center for Jewish History (CJH) remains embroiled in controversy with the revelation that the new CEO, David N. Myers is an active leader of the New Israel Fund, If Not Now, When, J Street and more. Jewish Voices for Peace has him listed on their website as an advisor, he claims it is inaccurate – and his writings reveal hostile-to-Israel viewpoints, including affinity for boycotts of Israel and sympathy for the Palestinian “Nakba.”

Two Jewish Voice for Peace events with help from Sabeel, which were scheduled at the center have been canceled due to protests.

CJH’s cancellation announcement is a small victory, likely resulting from efforts by bi-partisan pro-Israel activists, including the ZOA; JCC-Watch founder and activist Richard Allen (Richard is also a ZOA Manhattan board member); liberal Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf; public relations executive Ronn Torossian; international political consultant George Birnbaum; Shillman Journalism fellow Daniel Greenfield; and many others.

Yes, it's good that the programs were canceled. But the fact that they were scheduled in the first place at CJH is a warning that the dark times we thought were finally past are here again. Worse, some of its leaders are influential Jews. If you're going to be in NYC on October 18, join the protest against David N. Myers.

But CJH’s Hostile-to-Israel CEO, David Myers, Must Be Fired, and CJH’s Other Bigoted Programming Must Stop; ZOA Urges Pro-Israel Activists: Join the Protest at CJH (15 West 16 Street, Manhattan) next Wednesday Evening October 18, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.!

ZOA thus urges all our friends to join the protest against CJH’s CEO David N. Myers, next evening Wednesday October 18th, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., in front of CJH, at 15 West 16th Street, Manhattan.