Plame Knew What She Was Tweeting

A few years ago, people were upset that Valerie Plame was "outed" as a CIA operative. Recently Plame has outed herself as an anti-Semite. As Alan Dershowitz shows, acceptance for anti-Semitism is growing. That is a real cause for outrage.

From the article:

The Plame incident reflects a broader problem about which I have written [A new tolerance for anti-Semitism, by Alan M. Dershowitz, published by Gatestone Institute, 2017].There is a growing tolerance for anti-Semitism. Even when some people themselves do not harbor these feelings, they are willing to support those who do, as long as the anti-Semites are on their side of the political spectrum. This is an unacceptable approach, especially in the post-Holocaust era. Unfortunately, Valerie Plame is the poster child for this growing tolerance. She must be called out on it, as must others who follow the same path of bigotry.