So-called White Racist - President Trump Shares Inspirational Words on Israel at the New Year

On Sept 7th we posted from an article that had been published about how the mainstream media ignores Jewish conservatives. That article stated: "...when an agglomeration of the most liberal left rabbis — the non-Orthodox rabbis — announce that they will not participate in a phone call with the President of the United States, the media splash the news. And, meanwhile, there are plenty of American Orthodox rabbis who would love to be invited to participate in a Rosh Hashanah Season telephone conference with the current President of the United States.

Well, the call took place and those who joined the President heard some very pleasant words.

"Trump expressed his 'deep admiration' for the Jewish people, who had “endured unthinkable persecution.” He then recognized and honored the presence of Holocaust survivors who were on the call, telling them of the 'lasting inspiration' that Americans draw from their perseverance despite having 'witnessed evil beyond human comprehension.' He thanked them for telling their stories, which 'help us to confront evil in our world.'"

Read the President's full remarks