Mainstream Media Ignores Jewish Conservatives

MJAC is a Michigan Jewish Conservative group representing all who share our common values.

  • Not all Orthodox Jews are conservative.

  • Not all Jewish conservatives are Orthodox Jews.

Nonetheless, this article has great significance for our Michigan community and the following excerpt reflects MJAC's common concern. The media not only minimizes Orthodox Jewish voices. It limits ALL Jewish conservative voices. MJAC represents all those voices that are not fairly represented in our local press.

Excerpt: "And this is why it is so painful today for contemporary American Orthodox Jews (also for Jewish Conservative thinkers) to read daily media reports that typically ignore us, in an attempt to paint almost all Jews as liberal. We Orthodox Jews — the ones who wear yarmulkas, who are at the core of the kosher-food industry that attracts more millions of non-Jewish consumers than we comprise because they trust rabbinic food oversight more than they do the Government, the ones you perhaps see walking to synagogue on Saturday morning or greeting you helpfully at the Western Wall in Jerusalem when you visit — are excluded from media coverage. As easy as we are to spot, the media do all they can to keep us invisible. Thus, the media will not invite our statements nor quote us when we send them our press releases — except if we say something to advance their liberal agenda. Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama named Jews to the Supreme Court, carefully selecting doctrinaire Jewish liberals like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, and Stephen Breyer. By selectively highlighting Jewish liberals for every vehicle, Democrats cruelly promote a stereotype that ignores Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jewish conservatives. Just as Democrats hounded the Hon. Clarence Thomas when he, a proud African American, was nominated for the Supreme Court — because blacks like Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Col. Allen West, Larry Elder, Michael Steele, Stacey Dash, and Justice Thomas are not allowed to be conservatives and Republicans — so it is that they have shut out Orthodox Jewish conservatives, barring us and our national organizations and spokespersons from the table and eliminating us from public discourse." (emphasis added)

There are too many important points to excerpt here. See the full article.