Have Jewish Democrats placed their politics before Israel and their own Judaism? If Democrats feel comfortable enough to abandon Israel because they know they will still have the support of 70% of American Jews, they will abandon Israel in order to appease their Israel-hating supporters. What will this mean for Israel, for comfortable American Jews, and for the United States?

From the article:

Jewish Americans can’t fully comprehend the level of antisemitism that exists outside of the United States and the significance of a nation that serves as a beacon of hope for Jews around the world, opening its doors, preserving and guaranteeing the future of the Jewish People. While American Jews don’t have to serve in the Israel Defense Forces or commit to national service, they often take for granted the Israeli citizens who sacrifice themselves for greater purpose, keeping Jews safe not only in Israel but throughout the world. The reality is that a world without Israel could lead to the eventual demise of the Jewish People.


Many are unaware of how important the US-Israel alliance is in helping the country to maintain its global positioning and power. A prosperous Israel does much to ensure a prosperous US – like it or not, their destinies are tied together. According to Congressman Curbelo (R-Florida), whom I interviewed for this column, “The strength and stability of Israel is the strength and stability of the United States. A policy that advances US interests in the world must include unwavering support for Israel.” In fact, isolating Israel would be a US foreign policy calamity of the worst kind.