Seeing the ADL in action recently makes one wonder if they still take seriously the fight against anti-Semitism. Daniel Greenfield, exposes more ADL hypocrisy in their selective notice of anti-Semitism. They've given a pass to Keith Ellison, but are holding Mike Cernovich's feet to the fire. Why?

Are they truly interested in exposing hatred, or do they have a new political agenda. We've already pointed out their interest in censoring "extremist" viewpoints on Google and Youtube. Have they accepted a political agenda that doesn't have our best interests at heart?

The ADL decided to roll out a defense of McMaster by accusing Mike Cernovich, an online critic of McMaster of anti-Semitism. Now this is the same organization that signed off on Keith Ellison, despite his long history of anti-Semitism and membership in an anti-Semitic hate group, whose position Linda Sarsour has been erratic at best, and which decided to give a pass to the Davis Jewish genocide Imam.

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