Op Ed: Hope Against Hate – Shamelessly Misinformed The Public

In the early advertising of the May 8th event, it was clear, that this symposium was originally designed to censure the “alt-right” and Donald Trump for an increase in both hate crimes and anti-Semitic activities, since his campaign and election as President of the United States. This provoked a significant number of letters and phone calls to the organizers, protesting the exclusive focus on the least serious threat to the Jewish community, while ignoring “hard left and Muslim extremist anti-Semitism,” described by Prof. Alan Dershowitz, as “a far greater problem in America today, especially on university campuses.” So persistent was this outcry that the Federation and Joint Distribution Committee were forced to respond by changing the title of one of their “work sessions” and adding a previously unplanned session about the BDS movement on campus and its impact on students and young adults, which was underplayed.

Fake Hate Crimes - the FBI doesn’t track them In one of the “working sessions” on Hate Crimes, the meme of Trump and his supporters as responsible for a huge uptick in Hate Crimes held forth:

Acting DOJ Attorney Daniel Lemisch reported some startling statistics on the increases in “Hate Crimes” but could not answer the audience questioner on how many of those numbers later turned out to be "Fake Hate Crimes,” or hoaxes. And, in answer to the challenge of his statements that Steve Bannon and Breitbart are “alt-right” and anti-Semitic, which is easily disproved by simply researching their online articles, Lemisch said he was just reporting Bannon’s own words.

Yet the burst of violent crimes against Donald Trump supporters are not counted in the “Hate Crime” statistics because political motivations do not come under the category of hate. So, it seems the presentation of the DOJ, in their “work session” was tailored to “fit the community,” as expressed by one of the sessions participants in the Q & A, that followed their presentation. Apparently, tailoring to our Jewish community meant that it would include pandering to a “leftist” audience, by politicizing a serious challenge for our community. Even worse is that badly needed information about the more serious threats from the hard left and Muslim extremist anti-Semitism and how to counter them, were not fully explored.

In a recent study from Europe the report found that “right-wing extremists, who are often associated with antisemitism, in fact constitute a clear minority of perpetrators.