100 Democratic House members decry White House’s softened stance on settlements, By ERIC CORTELLESSA

As if the fact of the letter itself wasn't bad enough. And 100 Democratic House members signing makes it even worse. But to add another layer of contemptibility:

Orchestrated by Michigan Representative Andy Levin, a freshman Democrat, the missive was signed by several other prominent members of Congress, including Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline, Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib, and others.
The lawmakers warned that the Trump administration’s decision “blatantly disregards Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention” regarding the rules governing the actions of an occupying power.

And to no one's surprise:

The liberal Mideast advocacy group J Street supported the letter.

How low can Levin sink?

Yes, we know that he and the other Democratic signers hate Trump, and they will stand against anything Trump does no matter how much it benefits the American people. We also know that Omar, Tlaib, and other signers like Betsy McCullum, Hank Johnson (who once referred to Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria as "termites"), AOC, and Debbie Dingell will stand against Israel, no matter what. After all, Israel is that Jewish nation. Apparently Levin stands with them.

The full text of Levin's letter is here. In it, Levin also comes out against the U.S. moving our embassy to Jerusalem "outside of a negotiated agreement," the closure of the Palestinian mission in Washington, D. C., and the halting of aid to the Palestinians.