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Revealed: Muslim Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib wrote for Louis Farrakhan's publication

Just so you know:

On Monday, freelance journalist Jeryl Bier revealed a 2006 column written by Tlaib for The Final Call, a digital publication run by Farrakhan and, according to The Washington Free Beacon, is "known for espousing anti-Semitism."

According to Bier, Tlaib's op-ed on immigration reform appeared to have been written specifically for The Final Call while she was working as an advocacy coordinator for the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services in Detroit.

It is important to realize that Tlaib's anti-Semitism (just like that of Ilhan Omar) is not something new. It cannot be mollified or rejected through reasoned debate. It is part of who she is. She's made it clear that she takes her "Palestinian" identity very seriously and part of that identity is the demonization of Jews.

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