Recommended  Reading

This page will be updated regularly. Here we are sharing links to blogs and other resources that we believe are educational in nature. These will assist us in expanding awareness in areas of concern to our community and help us to stimulate objective thought, discussions and solutions.

  • A pivotal address by Attorney General William Barr  << (Click that link for print, audio & video) encompassing a full description of how the three branches of government were designed to function by the founders. So this is foundational material for all Americans to know and understand, which unfortuanately, most do not.

  • Unconstrained Analytics Blog Everything you need to know but wish you didn't, about the Muslim Brotherhood. This is vital information to understanding threats to our security. Most people, including political and military leaders are ignorant of this due to effective political warfare against us.

  • Center for Security Policy has produced many books and booklets pertaining to national security threats, Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood. Most are available in pdf format for free downloads. This is required information for all who care to further their knowledge base. Visit regularly to download lateset editions.

  • Citizen Warrior is a blog for citizens who want more information about threats to our security & how-to knowledge for spreading the information to others while trying to maintain some inner peace. That's a big job, but no one does it better. PLEASE be aware that this is a Google supported blog and therefore  has new standards of accountability placed upon it by the new "Big Brother."  So you will be required to accept that you may be reading objectionable material. That's actually a recommendation!